Child-street migration among HIV-affected families in Kenya: a mediation analysis from cross-sectional data

August 5, 2016
Authors: Michael L. Goodman, Miriam S. Mutambudzi, Stanley Gitaric Philip H. Keiser and Sarah E. Seidel
Organization: AIDS Care

Research about children on the street tends to rely on survey reports from children currently on the street.  This study conducted a random community sample of caregivers to explore hypothesized pathways between parental HIV and street-involved children.  The authors found an association between the number of partners living with HIV and the probability of a child living on the street; however, there were no differences found between maternally affected and paternally affected households.  Social support, overall health and school enrollment of biologically related children significantly mediate the pathway of parental HIV and street migration.  Recommendations from the study include better coordination of services between clinical service providers, social service providers and schools.