Multiplication effect of sequencing life skills and social asset interventions

May 1, 2019
Authors: Siân Long
Organization: CRS, Coordinating Comprehensive Care for Children (4Children)

Through the DREAMS partnership in Lesotho, four organizations provide a core package of services and ensure that all enrolled adolescent girls and young women receive all services.  Through CRS, the 4Children program is responsible for three linked elements: building social assets, strengthening families through social protection, strengthening families through positive parenting.  These interventions are overlapping and mutually reinforcing; sequencing is the delivery of both social assets and combination socio-economic approaches during the same weekly sessions, along with reinforcement of core HIV messaging.

This case study details the sequencing of implementation, results, participants’ perspectives, lessons learned and recommendations.  The study includes reflections on the reach, adoption and sustainability of these interventions–which would be of interest to others who implement a package of services for adolescent young women.