Start Free Stay Free AIDS Free 2019 Report

July 22, 2019
Organization: UNAIDS, PEPFAR

This progress report reviews recent gains, new developments and remaining challenges as countries approach the 2020 targets of the Start Free Stay Free AIDS Free framework.  It summarizes country progress at the end of 2018, and the results are mixed.

The global targets set for 2018 have been missed by a wide margin in some sub-regions and countries. Some countries, however, have shown impressive progress and achieved success across all the target areas. These country examples demonstrate that success is possible and highlight the need for a paradigm shift in action across all focus countries to reach the targets by 2020.

One notable achievement of the global AIDS response has been fewer children newly infected with HIV and improved health for mothers living with HIV.  An area where we must remain focused is on preventing infections with adolescent girls and young women.  Although new HIV infections are falling among adolescent girls and young women aged 10–24 years, the number of new HIV infections in this age group is still higher than the 2020 target and the rate of decline is slow.

This report emphasizes that the AIDS epidemic is claiming the lives of too many children aged 0–14 and efforts to reduce infections with this population must continue.