The effect of gender norms on the association between violence and hope among girls in the DRC

February 6, 2017
Authors: L. Stark, K. Asghar, S. Meyer, G. Yu, T. Bakemore, C. Poulton and K. Falb
Organization: Global Mental Health

Girls at early stages of adolescence are vulnerable to violence victimization in humanitarian contexts, but few studies examine factors that affect girls’ hope in these settings. Lindsay Stark, director of the CPC Learning Network, Khudejha Asghar, CPC senior research associate, Sarah Meyer, CPC faculty affiliate, Kathryn Falb, technical advisor at the IRC,   and colleagues recently published a research paper about the relationship between attitudes toward traditional gender norms, violence exposure, and future orientation in displaced girls. Findings support the utility of gender norms-transformative programming in increasing resilience of girls who have experienced sexual violence in humanitarian contexts.