A Guide for Supporting Community-Led Child Protection Processes

October 25, 2018
Authors: Dr. Michael Wessells
Organization: Child Resilience Alliance

This guide and toolkit for community-led child protection processes is based upon years of research and learning in this area in countries around the world.  The purpose of this guide and its companion tools is to offer a sustainable approach for child protection that is community-led rather than NGO- or expert-led.

The guide is written with multiple audiences in mind–NGO and community practitioners, facilitators, senior NGO managers, and also donors and policy leaders. It consists of seven brief chapters providing diverse examples, reflective questions for practitioners, and practical ideas regarding benchmarks, things to do, and things to avoid. To support application, each chapter refers readers to particular tools in the four sections of tools that accompany the guide.

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Read Toolkit Section 1: Facilitation (FAC) Tools here.
Read Toolkit Section 2: Training (TRN) Tools here.
Read Toolkit Section 3: Learning (LNG) Tools here.
Read Toolkit Section 4: Management (MNG) Tools here