HIV-Sensitive Child Protection: Training Course for Auxiliary Social Workers

May 18, 2018
Authors: Francesca Stuer and Siân Long
Organization: Catholic Relief Services, Coordinating Comprehensive Care for Children (4Children)

The course is based on a set of core para social worker competencies, that were adapted from the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance’s global core para-social worker (PSW) competencies. The training is organized in the following six modules that can be provided together or separately, depending on user needs.  The training package includes a  Facilitator Manual with detailed instructions for each session, handouts and an accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

Module 1: Introduction to the Role of Para-social Workers in a National Child Protection System

Module 2: Communication

Module 3: Applying Knowledge Related to Client’s Needs

Module 4: Referrals and Case Management

Module 5: Working in the Community

Module 6: Personal Development and Work Planning

This course, adapted through an in-country process for the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is available in French.