“Journey of Life” Community Workshops to Support Caregivers and Children in need

April 12, 2018
Organization: Catholic Relief Services, REPSSI

With individual and community resources often stretched to the breaking point by war, violence, natural disasters, HIV and AIDS, people need the information and skills to be able to plan a course of action.   The “Journey of Life” curriculum of workshops is designed for communities wishing to support children in need and their caregivers.

Using picture codes, personal testimonies and role plays, the workshops stimulate reflection, dialogue and action among participants. By taking them through their own life journey they are better able to understand the problems facing children in their care and in their community. Pictures and posters, a core feature of the resource, are designed to facilitate dialogue. Resource mapping and action plans provide communities with an opportunity to identify their capacities and begin to act on their collective responsibility towards these children.

The Journey of Life comes with a variety of M&E tools, including forms for committee information, individual attitudinal changes, household changes, and workshop evaluations. An early study of Journey of Life Ethiopia showed it was effective in mobilizing communities, increasing understanding and action to help vulnerable children in their communities.

The full set of materials is available here.