Listening to the Needs and Preferences of Adolescents Living with HIV in Nigeria

May 18, 2018
Authors: Zoe Dibb, Chinedu Ohanyido
Organization: Coordinating Comprehensive Care for Children (4Children), CRS

Adolescents form a significant part of the population living with HIV, however there is little evidence-based knowledge on adolescent-friendly interventions for improving HIV-related outcomes.  The Coordinating Comprehensive Care for Children (4Children) project partnered with the Girl Effect Nigeria to conduct a study using its Technology Enabled Girl Ambassadors (TEGA) methodology to explore the enablers and barriers to adolescent girls’ and boys’ HIV testing.  TEGAs are trained young female interviewers aged 18-24 who use a custom-made mobile phone app to conduct interviews containing both closed and semi-structured audio and video questions as well as photographs.  The findings reveal the needs of adolescent boys and girls living with HIV in Kano, the Federal Capital Territory and Lagos with the intention of ensuring that services are truly youth-friendly.