Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting Indicator Reference Guide, version 2.3

October 2, 2018
Organization: PEPFAR, USAID

To achieve global HIV goals, measuring the impact of investments at national and regional above-site areas, down to direct service at the site-level, is necessary to PEPFAR’s program implementation and monitoring approach.  PEPFAR’s Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting (MER) indicators continue to evolve to reflect the progression of U.S. government support and global HIV response guidelines.

PEPFAR’s September 2018 MER guidance includes a reference guidance document to streamline and prioritize indicators for PEPFAR programs.  Support documents include:

PEPFAR MER Indicator Frequency Table (Version 2.3 FY19)

MER Infographic (Version 2.3 FY19) which includes at-a-glance views of the indicators for prevention, testing, treatment, viral suppression, and health systems.