Safety and Security Toolkit: Strengthening the Implementation of HIV Programs for and with Key Populations

November 12, 2018
Authors: The International HIV/AIDS Alliance and the LINKAGES Project
Organization: FHI 360

This toolkit was developed to help program implementers, particularly CBOs and others working in direct service delivery, to more effectively address safety and security challenges within their implementation of HIV programs for and with key populations.

Three tools are included in the toolkit.  The first tool is a report that describes safety and security challenges faced by key population programs, details the impact of such challenges on the HIV response, and identifies promising practices and makes recommendations to help mitigate and respond effectively to safety and security challenges in programs for and with key populations.  The second tool is a series of checklists to help program implementers systematically explore and make plans to respond to the safety and security needs of their organizations, of individuals who work for the organizations, and in the physical locations where they operate.  The third tool is a list of resources (e.g., case studies, policies, trainings, and guidelines) is organized by key population group. Each resource includes the year of publication, geographic scope, description of the relevant content, and information on how the resource can be accessed. The document includes summary remarks on the state of currently available resources and makes recommendations for needed investments.