Better Parenting Nigeria Community Discussion Guide

May 29, 2018
Organization: CRS, Coordinating Comprehensive Care for Children (4Children)

The Better Parenting Nigeria Community Discussion Guide supplements the Better Parenting Nigeria Facilitator Manual to facilitate guided discussions and learning by parents to improve parenting knowledge, attitudes and skills. Each session has a two-sided Discussion Guide. The front side has an illustration. The back has a Facilitator Table. The facilitator should show the illustration to participants while following the back table as their guide to facilitating the topic discussion. On the left side are Discussion Questions to allow participants to share experiences and ideas. Here you will also find activities, icebreakers and other key points. The centre panel contains key information you can use to complement the participants’ discussion. On the top portion of the table there are answers to discussion questions, definitions and/or basic information.  In the lower left portion of the table there are explanations, key points and takeaway messages. At the bottom are review questions to help clarify what has been learned and encourage participants to think about how they will practice. A large version (A3 size) of the Community Discussion Guide is best for use in community settings with small groups, while a smaller version (A5 size) may be used for household-based or individual discussions or refreshers during family visits.  Note that the Community Discussion Guide is not intended as a script; the facilitator should adapt terms to their own context and simplify messages when needed.