Caregiver mental health and HIV-infected child wellness: perspectives from Ugandan caregivers

April 20, 2017
Authors: S. M. Murray, I. Familiar, N. Nakasujja, P. J. Winch, J. J. Gallo, R. Opoka, J. O. Caesar, M. J. Boivin & J. K. Bass
Organization: AIDS Care

The link between maternal depression and anxiety and poor child outcomes is well established; this study sought to create a contextually informed conceptual framework by talking with women dealing with symptoms of anxiety and depression who are caring for a child living with HIV.   Results from the qualitative study demonstrate a multi-directional relationship between caregiver mental health and child health which was complicated by poverty, stigma and isolation.  The results highlight that pediatric HIV care should include livelihood or food support, caregiver mental health screening, and be embedded within a broader movement to reduce HIV/AIDS stigma.