Caregiver supportive policies to improve child outcomes in the wake of the HIV/AIDS epidemic: an analysis of the gap between what is needed and what is available in 25 high prevalence countries

August 4, 2016
Authors: Rachel Kidman and Jody Heymann
Organization: AIDS Care

As the epidemic grew and the challenge of caring for children affected by HIV also grew, caring for these children within the context of family and community also emerged as the best way to meet the needs of vulnerable children.  This paper explores the types of social policies that would facilitate families meeting these needs and examines 25 high prevalence countries for the availability of these policies.  The majority of countries guarantee short-term income protection during illness, free primary school and educational inclusion of children with special needs.  Significant gaps were found in areas critical to family economic security and healthy child development.  These findings inform the authors’ recommendations on opportunities for advancing policy that would strengthen families.