Community burden of undiagnosed HIV infection among adolescents in Zimbabwe following primary healthcare-based provider-initiated HIV testing and counselling: A cross-sectional survey

September 20, 2017
Authors: Simms V, Dauya E, Dakshina S, Bandason T, McHugh G, Munyati S, et al.
Organization: PLOS Medicine

Is provider-initiated testing and counseling (PITC) sufficient for reaching children with HIV? This study from Zimbabwe provides results from a representational cross-sectional survey. The study found through extrapolation from the survey sample to community, that an estimated that over two years, PITC identified between 18% and 42% of previously undiagnosed children in the community. The conclusion is that facility-based testing is inadequate to achieving the global goal of diagnosing 90% of older children and adolescents living with HIV by 2020 .