Do not forget the boys – gender differences in children living in high HIV-affected communities in South Africa and Malawi in a longitudinal, community-based study

August 3, 2016
Authors: I. S. Hensels, et al.
Organization: AIDS Care

Equity may mean that service providers need to more specifically target interventions in order for vulnerable children to have the same starting point.  Targeting interventions means being aware of the effects of gender at different stages in life.  This study  showed that community-based organizations are not using a gender lens in providing services to young vulnerable children, and as a result, boys are not receiving the support they need to overcome the increased violence that they experience in their lives and witness in their communities.  The results of these encounters with violence is seen in the educational and emotional development of boys.  The findings of this study call for an equitable approach to child development–which includes special targeting of boys in OVC interventions.