Parenting, the other oldest profession in the world – a cross-sectional study of parenting and child outcomes in South Africa and Malawi

May 8, 2017
Authors: L. Sherr, A. Macedo, L. D. Cluver, F. Meinck, S. Skeen, I. S. Hensels, L. T. S. Sherr, K. J. Roberts and M. Tomlinson
Organization: Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine

Cross-sectional analysis was done on data from the Child Community Care study in Malawi and South Africa to look at the relationship between situational factors such as poverty, mental health, HIV status, living with a biological parent, and stigma with good parenting and child outcomes. The results point to possible intervention points; Influences on parenting could be seen through being the biological parent, parental mental health, poverty and stigma. The study suggests that health, nutrition, mental health, education and treatment to keep parents alive are all clearly identified as potential pathways to ensure child well-being.