Screening for developmental disabilities in HIV positive and HIV negative children in South Africa: Results from the Asenze Study

July 12, 2018
Authors: Justin Knox , Stephen M. Arpadi, Shuaib Kauchali, Murray Craib, Jane D. Kvalsvig, Myra Taylor, Fatimatou Bah, Claude Mellins, Leslie L. Davidson
Organization: PLOS One

This study tested the use of a Ten Questions (TQ) screen–a standardized medical history and physical examination conducted by a medical doctor–with hearing and vision screening, psychological assessment for cognition and language delay, and voluntary HIV testing.  In this sample of 1,330 children in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, HIV positive children were found to be delayed in physical, cognitive and language development.  In this first report of the use of the TQ screen in the isiZulu language, it was found to have high sensitivity for detecting serious developmental disabilities in children, especially HIV positive children. The performance of the TQ in this sample indicates utility for making best use of limited neurodevelopmental resources by screening HIV positive children.