Singing to the Lions: A Guide to Overcoming Fear and Violence in Our Lives

September 17, 2018
Authors: Jonathan Brakarsh, Lucy Steinitz
Organization: CRS

Singing to the Lions is a free training package (facilitator’s guide, supplement and video) by CRS, that is designed to help children and youth lessen the impact of violence and abuse in their lives. The main component is a three-day workshop where participants learn skills that can help them transform their lives and no longer feel dominated by fear. Although the workshop is aimed at young people and includes games, art and songs, it can also be used to help adults take action on aspects of their lives that cause fear and, in so doing, become better parents and caregivers.

Singing to the Lions is available in English, French and Spanish, and Arabic (with Hindi in process).  It can be easily adapted to different cultures, with different pictures and metaphors; e.g., “Singing to the Wolves” in Arabic.  The supplement and data entry sheets, which are intended to be used with the guide, are also available to download, along with this 20-minute training video (English only)