Youth Living with HIV in Mozambique—Reaching the Last 95: A Qualitative Study in Sofala, Manica, and Niassa Provinces

September 11, 2019
Organization: Health Policy Plus

Despite progress having been made in Mozambique, low rates of treatment initiation and retention continue–especially among children, adolescents, and young adults.  The Ministry of Health is enacting a strategy to reach these target populations, and this research was carried out to inform that strategy.  Research objectives were to identify the barriers and facilitating factors affecting retention in care and ART adherence, to describe any services or innovations that may improve outcomes across the clinical cascade among youth ages 15–24 years, document the current status of viral load monitoring among youth ages 15–24 years and gather perspectives from adolescents on the HIV care model under development.  The results give a good insight into potential strategies and approaches for improving treatment care and outcomes with youth in Mozambique.