Advancing Protection and Care for Children in Adversity 2019-2023: A U.S. Government Strategy for International Assistance

July 1, 2019
Organization: USAID, US Department of Health and Human Services, US Department of Labor, US Department of State, PEPFAR, and Peace Corps

The Strategy builds on three evidence-based objectives that inform the U.S. Government’s policies and programs to benefit the world’s most-vulnerable children.  The objectives are (1) Build Strong Beginnings (2) Put Family First (3) Protect Children From Violence.  The guiding principles for the strategy include: adapt approaches, strengthen systems, generate and use evidence-based information, create synergies, promote strategic partnerships.  Successful implementation of these objectives according the to the guiding principles will create a multiplier effect by contributing to a solid foundation to protect children and adolescents from a wide array of risks and supporting their development, care, and safety.