Better Parenting Nigeria Facilitator Manual

May 29, 2018
Organization: CRS, Coordinating Comprehensive Care for Children (4Children)

Better Parenting Nigeria is a parenting education curriculum whose goal is to build caregiver protective factors so that parents can provide better support to children. Better Parenting has four basic parts: two core sections – Cross-Cutting and Other Family Issues, and two supplemental sections – Early Childhood Development and Parenting Adolescents.  Using the Better Parenting Nigeria Community Discussion Guide, discussions can take place in homes, in Better Parenting groups or through other meetings/gathering of caregivers such as savings groups.  Each session of the Better Parenting curriculum takes approximately one hour to facilitate and can be conducted with groups of 12-25 participants or individually in homes.  The Coordinating Comprehensive Care for Children (4Children) project updated the Better Parenting program developed by the Yekokeb Berhan Programme for Highly Vulnerable Children, and adapted by the Sustainable Outcomes for Children and Youth project in Uganda, in response to the need for supplemental education on early childhood development, parenting adolescents and up-to-date HIV information.