Can Family-Centered Programming Mitigate HIV Risk Factors Among Orphaned and Vulnerable Adolescents? Results from a Pilot Study in South Africa

April 3, 2018
Authors: Tonya Renee Thurman, Johanna Nice, Brian Luckett, Maretha Visser
Organization: Taylor & Francis

Let’s Talk is a family-centered adolescent HIV prevention program developed for use specifically in South Africa using key components adapted from programs successfully implemented in the US and South Africa. It was created to address individual HIV transmission risk factors common among orphaned and vulnerable adolescents, including elevated risk for poor psychological health. These efforts are also conducted in conjunction with programming to support caregivers’ mental health and parenting skills. The initial results from this pilot study highlight the potential of HIV prevention interventions that engage caregivers alongside the vulnerable adolescents in their care to decrease adolescent HIV risk factors.