Cash transfers and HIV/HSV-2 prevalence: a replication of a cluster randomized trial in Malawi

January 9, 2018
Authors: Lynette Smith, Nick Hein and Danstan Bagenda
Organization: 3IE

This study replicated research which was published in The Lancet in 2012: Effect of a cash transfer programme for schooling on prevalence of HIV and herpes simplex type 2 in Malawi: a cluster randomised trial. The replication included three objectives: perform a pure replication, a measurement and estimation analysis (MEA) and a theory of change analysis. The researchers were able to replicate the study and in the MEA section, they explored some of the alternate strategies to determine the robustness of the results to the analysis method chosen. Finally, the data was used to explore a potential causal pathway for the intervention in reducing HIV and HSV-2 prevalence. The results show that the intervention is affecting HIV and HSV-2 prevalence partially through school enrollment and selected sexual behaviors.

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