Child violence experiences in institutionalised/ orphanage care

March 2, 2017
Authors: Lorraine Sherr, Kathryn J. Roberts & Natasha Gandhi
Organization: Psychology, Health & Medicine

A special issue of the Journal of Psychology, Health and Medicine, featuring 15 papers was commissioned by Know Violence in Childhood: A Global Learning Initiative.  This study looked at experiences of violence within institutions by doing a review of existing studies.  Eight studies were found on prevalence of abuse in institutions, three studies on interventions to reduce violence, one study on peer-to-peer violence in institutions and 66 studies on cognitive development for institutionalized children.  The major intervention for improving cognitive deficits was found to be removing children from the institutions.  One single study was done on training and monitoring of violence as an intervention and it was found to be effective.  Overall, the review of the studies showed the prevalence of violence against children in institutions, the negative effect on cognitive delays and that even simple interventions of training and monitoring can be effective.