Clinic-Community Collaboration Adolescent Toolkit

December 17, 2019
Organization: PATA, ViiV Healthcare

The Clinic-Community Collaboration (C3) Toolkit ‘Working together to improve PMTCT and pediatric HIV treatment, care and support’  toolkit is primarily for those working to deliver services to adolescents and young people, including clinics, CBOs and health-focused community groups. This includes those at various levels, such as clinic managers, health service providers, clinic officers, CBO managers, program coordinators, community health workers—and peers engaged in all aspects of service delivery.

This toolkit is organized into three sections: • Part I explains the background, purpose and structure of the toolkit • Part II focuses on what to collaborate around, along the HIV service delivery cascade, using real-world examples of collaboration along the way • Part III examines how to collaborate using C3’s pragmatic 6-step methodology.