Determinants of Effective Utilization of Cash Transfer for Orphans and Vulnerable Children by Caregivers in Kenya: A Case of Tigania West, Meru County

December 7, 2017
Authors: Stephen Njenga Mwangi, Dr. Anne Ndiritu
Organization: International Academic Journal of Information Sciences and Project Management

Kenya has a growing number of orphans and vulnerable children in the society because of HIV/AIDS, the deterioration of the traditional family structures, and change in family values. The government and their partners have been providing social assistance to poor households with orphans and vulnerable children through a cash transfer program while clearly communicating objective for the caregivers to follow so that the cash stipend can be utilized to promote their human capital development. This study was implemented to gain a better understanding of the determinants of the effective utilization of cash transfer for orphans and vulnerable children by caregivers in Tigania West SubCounty. The findings of the study showed that the gender of the caregiver, the size of the household and the quality and availability of complimentary services were bigger determinants in the effective utilization of cash transfers.