USAID Office of HIV/AIDS Optional Custom Indicators for USAID OVC Programs

March 14, 2021

Custom Indicators

Optional Custom Indicators for USAID OVC Programs: Standard Operating Procedures

Optional Custom Indicators for USAID OVC Programs: Performance Indicator Reference Sheets

The Standard Operating Procedures document guides OVC programs funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to operationalize the optional OVC custom indicators. This document accompanies the Performance Indicator Reference Sheets: a document that provides details for each indicator on definitions, use, data collection, and data quality assurance.

Submission Templates:

USAID Optional OVC Custom Indicators Data Reporting Template

This template will be used by OVC implementing partners (IPs) to harmonize, collect, manage, and report on the OVC custom indicators, with the objective of supporting the OVC programs to better describe their performance across the Operating Units.


The indicators and indicator reference sheets were drafted by USAID and the PEPFAR-funded ACHIEVE project. It is a supplement to the Optional Custom Indicators for USAID Orphans and Vulnerable Children’s Programs: Performance Indicator Reference Sheets, which were developed by USAID and ACHIEVE.