Enhancing HIV Retention and Clinical Outcomes in Tanzania through Pediatric- and Adolescent-Friendly Services

June 18, 2018
Authors: Redempta Mbatia, Samwel Kikaro, Edward Mgelea, Francis Nyabukene, Christopher Henjewele, Lydia Temba, Sisty Moshi, Agnes Rubare, and Benedicta Masanja
Organization: MEASURE Evaluation

Early initiation of antiretroviral therapy (ART) is necessary for optimal treatment outcomes, yet research shows that most children living with HIV in resource constrained settings are late in accessing care.  This study aimed to evaluate the use of pediatric- and adolescent-friendly HIV care and treatment services to improve adherence, retention, and clinical outcomes for children who are attending the HIV clinic at Kigoma Regional Hospital in Tanzania.  Results clearly demonstrated that creating an enabling environment through pediatric- and adolescent-friendly services improved retention in care.