Family Care for Children with Disabilities: Practical Guidance for Frontline Workers in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

June 18, 2018
Organization: USAID, World Learning, Partnership for Every Child

Globally policies and programs are improving in supporting family care for children –to prevent unnecessary family separation and to support reintegration for children who are outside of family care.   A case management approach is also gaining momentum as it has been shown to improve outcomes for children and families.  Yet children with disabilities are often excluded from social service outreach because social workers lack the skills and knowledge.  This guidance, written following an extensive process of desk review, interviews, consultations and field testing, is designed to help social services case management personnel to include children with disabilities and their families.  It provides easy to read information and advice for front-line workers in low- and middle-income countries.  It is intended to supplement basic case management guidance with practical guidance and resources for reaching children with disabilities and their families.