Gendered influences on adolescent mental health in low-income and middle-income countries: recommendations from an expert convening

December 11, 2017
Authors: Chisina Kapungu, Chisina Kapungu, Suzanne Petroni, Nicholas B Allen, Luisa Brumana, Pamela Y Collins, Mary De Silva, Tarun Dua, Jumana Haj-Ahmad, Ashley Leichner, George Patton, Beverly Pringle, Olayinka Omigbodun, Karlee L Silver, Georgia Lockwood Estrin, Sagri Singh, Nabila Zaka, Willibald Zeck
Organization: The Lancet: Child and Adolescent Health

The International Center for Research on Women and UNICEF convened experts from academia, civil society, donor, and bilateral and multilateral institutions for a consultation in April 2017. The purpose of the consultation was to better understand the relationship between gender and adolescent mental health and to identify priorities for adolescent-focused and gender-responsive mental health research and programs. The expert convening recommendations for data, gendered analysis, operations/implementation research, and incorporation into national policy agendas are included in this commentary.