Guide: Multi-Month Dispensing (MMD) for Children and Adolescents Living with HIV

June 23, 2021
Download English Guide Here
Download French Guide Here – Guide français ici.


Please click the above links for a guide to assist OVC program personnel (community- or facility-based case management workers) to understand the importance of MMD and to understand their role and responsibilities in supporting MMD for C/ALHIV.


  • Background information on MMD (what MMD is, why MMD is beneficial, which children are eligible for MMD) and reference material on ARVs and optimized regimens
  • An explanation of the role played by OVC workers in supporting C/ALHIV to start and continue on MMD
  • Reminders on the role of OVC workers in supporting C/ALHIV in terms of adherence to treatment, viral load monitoring, and other elements of their health and well-being
  • Guidance on when to refer C/ALHIV on MMD for clinical support and on identifying eligible C/ALHIV not yet on MMD
  • Examples of modifications to standard OVC program data collection and reporting tools to incorporate MMD

AVAILABLE IN: English, French, Kirundi (forthcoming), Hausa (forthcoming), Yoruba (forthcoming)