Haba Na Haba: Technical Bulletin on Point-of-Care Innovations

November 18, 2019
Organization: EGPAF

The elimination of HIV has yet to be achieved because while we are limiting the spread of HIV, those who are unidentified and untreated have become harder and harder to reach. A population particularly difficult to reach with early testing and treatment services is HIV-exposed infants and young children.  This technical brief focuses on point-of-care innovations in identifying and treating HIV with this vulnerable population.

Point-of-Care Early Infant HIV Diagnostics (POC EID)–models for implementation, outcomes, advocacy for transition and sustainability.  Case studies from successful POC EID in Zimbabwe and Côte D’Ivoire.

Further, the brief addresses how POC diagnostics are addressing needed HIV identification and early linkage of treatment among children and prevention of cervical cancer among women.  Case studies demonstrate how EGPAF is strengthening systems in Lesotho, DRC and Zimbabwe.