Integrating Violence Against Children Prevention and Response into HIV Services

October 2, 2019
Authors: LVCT Health, Maestral International
Organization: Catholic Relief Services, 4Children project

This training seeks to equip health workers who have contact with children in HIV settings with the knowledge and skills to better integrate violence against children (VAC) services into their work. It seeks to transmit information and skills to make them: feel comfortable talking with, providing services and making appropriate referrals to children and their caregivers who are at risk of or experiencing violence.

This three-day training package includes ten modules to be delivered to groups of 25-30 health workers.  The training is aimed at different cadres of health workers, including: nurses and midwives; clinicians; HIV counselors; medical social workers; pharmacists; community health workers, and others who are involved in children’s health care in health settings.

The complete package for this includes:
Facilitators Manual: an overview of the workshop, detailed agenda, facilitation notes and training preparation tools;
PowerPoint slides for use with the facilitator manual;
Participants Manual: background information, tools and learning aids for participants;