Parenting for Lifelong Health: Research Dissemination

October 27, 2016
Authors: Dr. Mark Tomlinson, Dr. Cathy Ward, Dr. Lucie Cluver

On October 25, 2016, the OVC Task Force sponsored a research dissemination event on Parenting for Lifelong Health.  The event included speakers Dr. Mark Tomlinson from University of Stellenbosch, Dr. Cathy Ward from University of Cape Town, and Dr. Lucie Cluver from University of Oxford.

Dr. Tomlinson presented on “Parenting in the first 1,000 days: Lessons from two South African studies.”  The presentation includes results from: (1) Thula Sana mother-infant interaction (2) Early morning star, The Mphatlalatsane project.

Dr. Ward and Dr. Cluver presented on the Sinovuyo kids curriculum for parents of children aged 2-9 and on the Sinovuyo teen curriculum for parents and teens ages 10-18.  They presented on the curriculum, research results and thoughts on rapid scale up of a program.