Resilience-based approaches for street-connected children exposed to sexual abuse & sexual exploitation

January 2, 2019
Authors: Dr. Ruth Edmonds
Organization: Consortium for Street Children

Led by Consortium for Street Children (CSC), “Building with Bamboo” is an international learning project exploring resilience-based approaches to working with street-connected children who are exposed to sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.  The report shares learning from the second phase of the Building with Bamboo project which explored resilience-based practice in terms of how organizations work and what forms a resilience-informed or resilience-based approach might usefully take.

This report has been written for practitioners, academics, policy-makers and grant-making institutions to provide useful information for organizations which might be thinking about designing, implementing, funding or evaluating resilience-based work with street-connected children exposed to sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.  It includes a series of key themes which describe the ‘what’ and how’ of working in resilience-based ways, illustrated by quotes and practice case studies, including embedded videos and a discussion of implications on the study’s findings.