STACKing the odds for adolescent survival: health service factors associated with full retention in care and adherence amongst adolescents living with HIV in South Africa

October 3, 2018
Authors: Lucie Cluver, Marija Pantelic, Elona Toska, Mark Orkin, Marisa Casale, Nontuthuzelo Bungane, Lorraine Sherr
Organization: Journal of the International AIDS Society

Using clinic records and interviews with adolescents in treatment, this study found five factors that were significant in retaining adolescents in care.  The five factors associated with improved retention (STACK): Stocked with medication, staff with Time for adolescents, Accompanied to the clinic, Cash to get to the clinic safely, health care staff who are Kind.  With none of these factors, 3.3% of adolescents reported retention.  With all five factors, 69.5% reported retention.  This basic package of clinic and community services points to the key interventions needed for adolescent retention in HIV care.