The Advocacy Case for OVC in Nigeria

October 12, 2017
Organization: CRS

The Coordinating Comprehensive Care for Children (4Children) project in Nigeria conducted a review to examine the gaps in investment for care and treatment for children living with HIV. Findings revealed that foreign funding accounts for 82 – 71% of the financing for HIV related programming and interventions. While the review identified some progress in contributions to OVC programming from domestic sources (e.g., government and private sector), the need for increased funding is exacerbated by the foreign donor fatigue towards the issue. Private sector contributions to OVC remains an untapped resource in Nigeria.

To reach the private sector audience, 4Children Nigeria prepared an OVC Investment Documentary as an advocacy tool to influence domestic investment for the OVC response. The documentary was previewed at major engagement meetings with private and public sector stakeholders and was followed by discussion and critical reflection on the plight of OVC in Nigeria. This preview has led to significant commitment from a private sector network – Nigeria Business Coalition Against AIDS (NiBUCAA) in designing an OVC response at 6.9 billion (18 million USD).