Who Perpetrates Violence Against Children? A Systematic Analysis of Age-Specific and Sex-Specific Data

March 7, 2018
Authors: Karen Devries, Louise Knight, Max Petzold, Katherine G. Merrill, Lauren Maxwell, Abigail Williams, Claudia Cappa, Ko Ling Chan, Claudia Garcia-Moreno, NaTasha Hollis, Howard Kress, Amber Peterman, Sophie D. Walsh, Sunita Kishor, Alessandra Guedes, Sarah Bott, Betzabe C. Butron Riveros, Charlotte Watts, Naeemah Abrahams
Organization: BMJ

This article provides the first age-specific and sex-specific prevalence estimates by perpetrator type for physical, sexual, and emotional violence against children globally. The authors used random effects meta-regression to gain an estimate on prevalence. This study hopes to add data on the most common known perpetrators for boys and other age groups beyond 15-19.