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    Sara A. Fajardo/CRS

November 19, 2018

Sr. Technical Advisor for Child Protection and Alternative Care

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November 19, 2018

The Senior Technical Advisor (STA) for Child Protection and Alternative Care will have the opportunity to provide strategic leadership and technical support in advancing CRS’ efforts to assist vulnerable children living in residential care to return to safe, nurturing families or to prevent children at risk of entering residential care from entering in the first place. The STA will lead technical excellence through contributions made to proposals, publications, trainings, development of guidelines and tools, and support of strategic initiatives focused on child protection and alternative care. As a member of the Health and Social Services technical team the STA will provide technical assistance to the Agency, CRS regional offices and CRS country programs to build the capacity of staff and partners as well as to promote growth in this area. The STA will liaise closely with technical advisors from other sectors to ensure seamless quality programming as well as liaise with relevant Changing the Way We Care and 4Children project staff. In addition, the STA will support internal awareness raising and policy roll-out related to residential care. Finally, the STA will represent CRS externally in technical forums such professional conferences and technical working groups.

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