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March 23, 2017

Training of Facilitators Workshop: Singing to the Lions

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August 31, 2017

Become a Facilitator of Singing to the Lions by joining our experiential workshop in Arusha, Tanzania.

Training Option 1:  August 31-September 2 , 2017 or

(directly before REPSSI’s PSS Forum; Mount Meru hotel in Arusha)

Singing to the Lions is a new workshop tool by Dr. Jonathan Brakarsh of Zimbabwe and Catholic Relief Services that helps children and youth develop skills to resolve the impact of violence and abuse in their lives and to heal.  It has been successfully implemented in several countries with promising results, and it is also a lot of fun —  using games, art, movement and songs. Participants who sign up for this three-day Training of Facilitators workshop will experience Singing to the Lions first-hand, and also have the opportunity to discuss how this might be adapted and implemented in their own settings, across different cultures.  The workshops are limited to 20 participants each.  More information on how to register for the workshop is found here.